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September 12, 2008

step-by-step C video Tutorial – useful for D3D

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this videos contains all concepts step by step for C programming, made for beginners by Steven.

VIDEO source : http://warrock-hacks.com/viewtopic.php?t=13999

you will need this Software to getting started with actual practicals shown in Video >



February 13, 2008

[Video] Virus Removal Guide

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[Video] what to do when your Computer Gets Infected with virus or trojans, keyloggers !

watch this solution.. p.s. dont tell me i disconnect my NET..
LOL … with my method u can even trace the Hacker & remove the infection completely without reinstalling windows.

January 29, 2008

[VIDEO] How to Find & Use PROXY

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a VIDEO tutorial on How to fund & use PROXY.

Tools needed :
_ AccessDiver : http://www.accessdiver.com/downloads.htm

_ You will need Firefox [DOWNLOAD HERE] + SwitchProxy Tool

_ VIDEO : (more…)

[Tutorial] Finding WarRock Address for hacking

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Original Post : http://warrock-hacks.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4

First of all, you either need a UCE (undetected cheat engine) or CE (cheat engine). Cheat engine can be downloaded here : http://www.cheatengine.org/ . When using CE you will need a bypass so you don’t get banned because the program itself is detected. You should have done the cheat engine tutorial before moving on to finding addresses. The addresses will be getting harder and harder as you move down the list of addresses shown here.

(Hint : Search “MHS Memory Hacking System” in Google. Attempt to use the newest version of that for a UCE)

CLEAN.BAT – remove all Hacks footprints

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Do a clean sweep of your computing history

HELP to use wrhak more effectively, & use wrhak with no kick yet D

This is a little batch file that I found in last wrhak versions which will clean out some of the most obvious places to look for your computing history. A batch file is a plain text file with a .bat extension that contain a series of commands that will be run one after another when the file is executed.

COPY n PASTE this in Notepad & save as “CLEAN.BAT” (more…)

PB Kicks/Ban Solution

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Some of you might get kicks with/without hacking or even using UNDETECTED Hacks. This is because:

1. The hack(s) you are or have being using are detected. OR
2. You have certain files on your PC that PB finds as a threat (CE/UCE’s, hacks etc.)
u all r getting baned cus of PnkBstrA.exe

Here is the Solution : (more…)

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